To make the products meet the required characteristics, we conduct a full cycle of tests on specialized equipment.
Alpha cabin
To measure the acoustic absorption coefficient of materials and the equivalent absorption area of parts
Technical characteristics:
Cabin volume 6,44 м³
The internal surface area of the cabin 22,6 м²
The sizes of the standard sample 1 ×1,2 м²
The absorbing surface area from 0,6 to 2,4 m²
Frequency range 5 frequency ranges, from 0,5 to 8 kHz
15 frequency ranges (1/3-octave), from 0,4 to 10 kHz
Burning Chamber
To determine the burning rate of material.
Technical characteristics:
Used gas propane
Range of measurements (0 - 250) mm/min
Thickness of the sample from 1 to 13 mm
Climatic Chamber
Test of the material in various environmental conditions (thermostability, thermal cycles, decay, odor)
Technical characteristics:
Temperature from -40 ºС to +180ºС
Humidity from 10% to 95%
Effective volume of chamber 600×800×550 mm
Pull Test Machine
To determine the breaking load and adhesion between the material layers.
Technical characteristics:
Loading range (0-5) кН
Range of tear speed (0 - 1000) mm/min
Accuracy of measurements 0.1Н
Tolerance of measurement ±1%
Portable measuring arm ROMER ARM SIGMA 2036
Instrumental control of spatial coordinates of measurement objects
Technical characteristics:
Range of measuring the sphere diameter 3600 mm
Accuracy of measurements 0,074 mm

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